As Birlik Polymer, we are one of Turkey’s leading supplier of plastic raw materials. We continue our journey with an understanding of international trade through our sector experience of more than a quarter century, our expert staff and our Istanbul head office that we currently serve. We serve our business partners from A to Z by always following the sectoral events in the country and worldwide.

We have been expanding our trade network day by day, by developing always in the plastic sector based on renewable and technological systems that are growing day by day and by prioritizing the quality and safe service in our targets. In order to offer a cleaner world to the next generations, we continue our work with our valuable business partners who care about the renewability of plastic products with an environmentally conscious approach and keep pace with the ever-evolving technological age. It is our principle to minimize the harm that can be caused to nature with the conscious use of plastic products.


To offer products that will enable our business partners to make a difference quickly and effectively since 2005, with a reliable, high quality and more and more innovative understanding.


As Birlik Polimer, to be the first company that comes to mind when it comes to innovative understanding, quality product and most importantly trust in the sectors it serves worldwide.